Infectious diseases kill millions of people around the world, 95% of them live in resource-constrained areas. In the 1940s, the discovery of antimicrobials revolutionized man’s ability to treat infectious diseases through these life-saving drugs. However, only for a few decades later, health practitioners across the globe can no longer expect that all these agents work. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has become common in clinical and community settings.

AMR is simply the ability of microbes, to grow in the presence of a chemical, or a drug, that would normally kill it or inhibit its growth. Although AMR is a natural phenomenon in microorganisms happening as an adaptation to external threats, humans have definitely hastened it. AMR became a significant public health threat that causes major health and economic consequences both in human and veterinary health as it claims lives, prolongs illnesses, increases healthcare costs and financial burden and, affects trade as well as national and global security.

Irresponsible promotion of antibiotics and irrational prescribing, dispensing and antibiotic use by health workers and consumers are the major drivers of AMR.

As such, the Department of Health invites all physicians, pharmacists, other healthcare providers, students, and everyone to take the PLEDGE and join the national movement to combat AMR by raising awareness on the growing threats of AMR, promoting the responsible use of antibiotics and preventing the spread of infections.

Beware and be aware! Take the pledge now and win the war against AMR!